Starting the new year, a little less consumerist and a little more mindful.

After moving three times in the span of about a year, dragging stuff around, storing it at family and friends, only to take it out and move it to my new place again.

I’m fed up with owning a lot of stuff, and through moving each time I realised I want to be more flexible, own less and have more modular furniture and things. All allowing me to move with more ease and not having lots of stuff laying around.

Aside from the flexibility in moving and decluttering, my exploration in spirituality, sustainability and environment has made me increasingly aware of the impact of ‘just buying stuff’. It got me thinking what purpose it serves.
With more knowledge, awareness and influence in changing the way I think or behave, I feel confident in challenging myself with reducing my consumption of disposable doodads and redundant packaging.

To get a good feel about what I’m going for, have a read in the Manifest for Mindful buying.

The manifest will be updated as the year progresses and I will add depth to various subjects and struggles in relation to Mindful buying.